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Lifestyle Everything Is Illuminated At 1stdibs

The light fantastic. Lights for sale at the 1stdibs store. Photo: Style Intel

The 1stdibs store in New York is filled with lighting fixtures of all styles, from vintage to mod, from exotic to modern, from crystal to brass. Here’s a peek at what’s on display and for sale…


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Lifestyle Inspiration Board Of The Week: Rafe Fall/Winter 2012. Plus: A Peek At Resort 2013

Rafe's inspiration board for his fall/winter 2012 collection. Photo courtesy of Rafe

For bag designer Rafe Totengco, the fall/winter 2012 season is about creating lasting pieces that are bound to be classics, maybe even iconic. A designer who pulls from many different inspirations and references—from travels to artists to cultures to girls of the moment—Rafe’s bags are more than just accessory…


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Lifestyle Inspiration Board Of The Week: Tabla Fall 2012 Collection


Tania Mohan of Tabla uses details, materials and ornamentations such as intricate embroidery and beadwork inspired by her heritage to create her dresses, tunics and caftans that have become the epitome of leisure dressing. Here, she shares her inspiration for Tabla’s fall 2012 collection…


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Lifestyle Inspiration Board Of The Week: Mischa Fall/Winter 2012

Mischa Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Inspiration Board. Photo courtesy of Mischa

Michelle Lai, the designer of the Hong Kong-based bag line Mischa shares with Style Intel her inspiration board for her fall/winter 2012 collection.


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Lifestyle Spotlight On Slim Aarons

I am in the US where it’s still a holiday because of Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer. The hot temperature outside had me thinking about swimming pools. Somehow every time I think about pools the photographer Slim Aarons always comes to mind. Has there been anyone else who has captured the pool lifestyle more than Aarons? Just look at his timeless photograph of CZ Guest entitled Nice Pool (I have a print of it in my bathroom in Hong Kong pictured above.) and aren’t you instantly transported to that rarefied world where it’s summer all year around, where your glass is always filled with iced tea, and where your body is always swimsuit ready?

Aarons was a master of capturing the privileged few on their downtime, be it by their pools in their holiday homes, in luxe hotels like the Hotel du Cap or Il Pelicano or in summer escapes like Capri or the Riviera. There’s a sheen to his photos that makes the viewer yearn to be part of that world, to be a guest of Babe Paley in her home in Jamaica or to be on yacht in the South of France together with the Miller sisters. Lifestyles of the rich and famous way before Robin Leach got to it. The photographs are inviting and aspirational, I am surprised that they haven’t been used to sell travel guides.

Staley Wise Gallery sells Slim Aarons prints. But if those are slightly out of your budget, you could get one —or all—of the photographer’s books: Poolside With Slim Aarons, Once Upon A Time,  A Place In The Sun, La Dolce Vita, and A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life.

The titles of the books alone already have me thinking of lazy summer days. Have a great one!

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Clockwise from top left: CZ Guest in her pool in Palm Beach, George Newhall estate, a family on an amphicar in Nassau, Babe Paley in Round Hill Jamaica