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Lifestyle Inspiration Board Of The Week: Niin Jewelry By Jeanine Hsu

niin's inspiration board for its fall/winter 2012 collection

Jeanine Hsu‘s designs for her Hong Kong based jewelry label niin combine the exotic and the glamorous with ease. Hers are pieces that can easily transition from island resort wear to fabulous nights out in the city. She use materials like shells, driftwood and agate crystals, often recycled or from sustainable sources. Jeanine is a graduate of Central Saint Martin’s in London and worked with Vivienne Westwood and Temperley before launching her label.

Below, the designer shares her inspiration board for her fall/winter 2012 collection:

This fall niin launches a series of new collections that begin in the tiniest villages in India and take us through a journey to the far corners of the universe. As always, niin’s inspiration takes the essence of nature’s materials as its foundation, and for the new collection considers these in relationship to age-old traditions of Indian handcraft. Collections are named after villages famed for these traditions such as Aranmula, in the state of Kerala  famous for its metal mirrors or Nepura famous for it’s weaving skills.

Off-cuts of veneer, shells, brass and brushed stainless steel are reworked into sculptural designs which create strong and modern, yet feminine pieces. Meteorite and crystals are moulded and mixed to add to the mystic and healing properties of the jewelery.

Niin continues its brand’s philosophy by creating timeless unique pieces out of nature’s treasures, inspired by my travels around the globe and my constant observations of the relationship of the many wonders of this world to the cosmos at large. A percentage of niin sales go to WWF for their environmental conservation and education work.

Below are some of photos of niin jewelry.

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niin by Jeanine Hsu

niin by Jeanine Hsu



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