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5 Things Vicente Wolf: Five Things I Cannot Live Without

Vicente Wolf (top right) and his designs and book. Photos courtesy of Vicente Wolf

“If I weren’t doing what I’m doing today I would be one of the many people who fell off by the wayside as I was fired from every job that I ever had.  When I first started working, I was nervous about where I’d fit in.  I tried acting, but I have no memory.  I tried merchandising, but I didn’t like the creative constraints.  I tried advertising – in the processing end – but I’m dyslexic and it didn’t work out.  I was in modeling but I could visualize better shots than the photographer was taking and I wasn’t the all-American type.  If the interior design door had not opened, who knows?” says top decorator Vicente Wolf.

Thank god for that because Vicente is a master when it comes to decorating so much so that he’s penned books on the topic and has successful furniture line (VW Home by Vicente Wolf) as well. In his more than 30 years in the business, he’s designed spaces that feel contemporary and Old World-ish  at the same time. He’s a genius when it comes to mixing periods and styles, resulting in rooms that are bright, inviting and most of all chic. His other passion is photography.

Below, Vicente Wolf shares the Five Things He Cannot Live Without…

1. White, freshly-pressed bed linens

2. La Perla underwear

3. My camera

4. Blooming orchids

5. A sunny day

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Photo courtesy of Vicente Wolf

Photo courtesy of Vicente Wolf

Photo courtesy of Vicente Wolf

Photo courtesy of Vicente Wolf

Photo courtesy of Vicente Wolf


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