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Fashion Spotlight On Men’s Velvet Slippers

The trend for velvet slippers. Clockwise from left: A look from Michael Bastian spring 2012; Alexander McQueen slippers with skull motif from Mr. Porter; Screw U embroidered slippers from Stubbs & Wootton; Ralph Lauren and his slippers; riffle motif slippers from Rugby

With the revival of classic dressing in menswear comes the trend for velvet slippers. Where as in the past they were associated with formal wear or for lounging at home with a cigar and a glass of brandy, the velvet slippers of today lend themselves to a whole range of styles. This was evident at the spring 2012 collection of Michael Bastian where velvet slippers (produced by esteemed shoe label Stubbs & Wootton) were paired with everything from khakis and sports coats to shorts and sweaters. Fashion forward guys like Kanye West and Lapo Elkann have made velvet slippers hip and contemporary, wearing them with jeans and t-shirts one day or with double-breasted blazers the next. But of course this trend is really the domain of the Duke of Windsor, and Ralph Lauren who offers velvet slippers in almost every label under the Ralph Lauren umbrella, from Rugby to Purple Label.

Where to find velvet slippers? Stubbs & Wootton makes some of the best pair. They can also custom make them for you. Mr. Porter has a couple of pairs from Alexander McQueen and Brooks Brothers. Bergdorf Goodman has velvet slippers with tassels under their private label line. Arfango has several with trompe l’oeil details. And of course Ralph Lauren and Michael Bastian.

Clockwise from left: Velvet slippers with a casual look from Michael Bastian; slippers with gold embroidery from H&M; crocodile print velvet slippers from Stubbs & Wootton; Lapo Elkann wearing blue velvet slippers; tasseled velvet slippers from Bergdorf Goodman


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